The Outline

I was the editor of the Future section of The Outline, a general interest site for young-ish people (Here is my author page), where we covered energy, climate change, food, weed, the internet, money, privacy, biotech, health, wellness, social media, porch pirates, canned beverages, and AIs that laugh at us. Here are some things I've worked on lately.

The self-driving car that will never arrive

Self-driving cars are delusional tech optimism rooted in greed, sorry

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Data is like Glitter

Data doesn’t get tracked, so once it’s off Facebook, honestly who knows where it’s gone.

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How alt-right twitter tricks the media into panicking

@thebradfordfile has been cited as evidence of the rise of the alt-right, but its popularity is faked through power-engagement groups and networks of sockpuppets.