The Wirecutter, A New York Times Company

I worked at The Wirecutter of The New York Times, a site that take all the work out of finding the best products to buy, as an editor for three years. 

Here are some guides I edited.

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Peloton bikes seem like they are the future, but without a subscription it might not be what you think.


The Best sunscreen

The best sunscreen is cheap and it works.

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The best vegan protein powder

I wouldn't wish trying ten vegan protein powders on my worst enemy.


The best bidet seat / Washlet

Americans are weird about bidets, but they shouldn't be.

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The Best Condom

Men who say they can't use condoms are lying or ignorant--there is a right size for everyone.

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The Best Fitness Tracker

Anyone can make a fitness tracker, but only a handful of companies bother to make good ones. 

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The Best Menstrual Cup

How do you make a fake vagina? We figured it out.