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Previously, the column ran at The Hairpin. All past columns are organized by subject below.



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columns at self

How can I find safe and inclusive gyms?

Are fasted workouts safe?

Can I start lifting weights if I feel really out of shape?

Is weight-lifting a fat-burning workout?

Should I include gym machines in my workout?

How can I actually do a pull-up?

Can I start weight-lifting if I’ve basically never exercised?

Do I have to track calories to maintain my weight?

How often should I lift weights to actually see results?

How do I start lifting weights when I’m so busy? 


COLUMNS at The Hairpin

How To Get there

Do I have to spend money on a gym?

How do I get back into lifting? 

How do I go to the gym, though?

What if fitness and diet talk feel toxic?

Should I get someone to teach me to lift?

Can a personal trainer touch me without my permission?

How do I keep track of what I'm doing?

How to do it

How do I learn to lift?

What's wrong with my squats?

Why is my deadlift so weak?

How can I learn to do a pullup?

Is bodyweight training good? 

How do I learn to use my muscles?

Is this program really enough?

Do my workouts have to be hardcore?

Why does my bench press suck?

How do I deload?

Do I use gloves if my hands hurt?

What shoes do I wear?

Do I have to warm up? Ok but how?


Does nothing taste as good as skinny feels?

Is tracking my food necessary?

Should I eat more meat?

Should I do keto?

Should I eat clean?

What is the swolest breakfast?

Can I still drink alcohol?

What is a good protein powder?

What if I'm a vegetarian?

What is wrong with me

How can I be perfect in the New Year?

How do I stay motivated?

Should I be this sore?

Can I lift with a crooked body?

Is sweat causing my acne?

How do I fix my broken posture?

What if I want strength but love cardio?

You mean I don't have to do cardio?

What if a man asks why I lift?

What if I pee when I lift?

How can I improve my grip?

What is it good for

Why should I learn to lift?

Should I get stronger for self defense?

How do I get toned arms?

How do I get abs?

Am I doing enough? What if I cry?

be nice to yourself

How do I learn to go to the gym regularly?

What if I get really, really, REALLY sore?

How do I care for my growing baby muscles?

Shouldn't Wonder Woman be bigger?

How do I set goals and still like what I am now?